Friday, 29 September 2017

New Zealand Immigration Reform

New Zealand Immigration Reform | Online Petition

Talk of immigration reform in New Zealand seems to always provoke the same narrow range of excuses for inaction on the subject. “But we're all immigrants!”, or  “we have so much room!”. These and other predictable refrains provide cover for those who would rather ignore what is happening in New Zealand at rate three times faster than the rate of population replacement occurring in the United Kingdom.  And let’s face it, mass immigration is an issue in white countries and only white countries, why is that? 

Many of our brightest minds and natural leaders find themselves too busy pursuing personal goals or business interests to be bothered with the dangerous, unpopular and as they see it inappropriate issue of racial replacement in New Zealand.  Our brightest and smartest prefer to direct their energies into the capitalist pursuit of profit. This globalist mindset sees mass third world immigration as a net benefit, suppressing wages, increasing demand and boosting profits.

We have just been through another election cycle, which in many respects mirrored the election cycles in other parts of the western world.   An obsessive focus on the economy, tax and benefits. Where immigration is addressed at all, it is dealt with on an economic basis, citing the pressure placed on essential infrastructure by the rapid influx of people who are culturally incapable and unwilling to blend into New Zealand society.

It is of course quite unfair on both the non-white immigrants as well as White and Maori New Zealanders to expect them to spread out and blend into New Zealand society. It is impossible for them to do this and quite unfair to expect them to try. Just as it is unfair to expect White New Zealanders to accept large numbers of racially dissimilar foreigners moving into their towns and cities without feeling invaded. The phenomenon of white flight is an entirely predictable result.

This petition is nothing more or less than the campaign promise of New Zealand First.  Now that Winston is once again King Maker in New Zealand politics it is our duty as culturally aware New Zealanders to ensure that Mr Peters is fully aware of the importance we place on his commitment to the promise he made to the New Zealand people. We must also send a clear message to Labour and National that New Zealanders will no longer put up with being treated like blank soulless units of production and consumption. Race, culture and identity is is just as important to New Zealanders as it is to any other group in the world.

Please exercise your right to freedom of speech and sign the petition on Immigration Reform.


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