Sunday, 4 June 2017

London 4 June 2017

A week ago I wrote about Manchester, in the heat of the moment I mused on the likely results of a targeted and violent response to the murder of our children.  Today I intended to examine the use of violence in a little more detail, some people it seems were a little taken a-back by my apparent suggestion that violence might be a useful deterrent!

But here we are again, I waited too long, and we have another seven dead in the London Bridge and Borough Market attack.

The expected results did not disappoint. The chords of the mental straight jacket that binds the Brittish (and European) people to a course of self-destruction are only pulled ever tighter.
All the common sense normal logical and straight forward solutions that would spring naturally from an honest understanding of reality are completely outside the Overton window of acceptable political discourse. They are solutions that would be considered by the government and the deluded liberal masses as horrific, racist, Xenophobic Islamophobic authoritarian or fascist.

Theresa May reinforced her liberal credentials by refusing to recognise the source of the problem; the terrorists according to Ms May are Islamist extremists.   She continues to claim that Islamist Extremism and sectarianism is a “perversion of Islam”, and in so doing completely miss-identifies the enemy and lets Islam itself off the hook. The liberal media also clings in utter desperation to it’s Liberal ideology while thrashing around for a solution that does not openly admit they are living in a fantasy world.  The list of nationals that have been killed or wounded reads like a role call of the western world; victims from Britain, France, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Span.  But this is something we are not allowed to notice and can under no circumstances draw any Racist conclusions from.

One thing that was immediately noticeable from the coverage of the attack was the way in which regular Londoners were being treated. First they are the victims of the terrorists and then they are the victims of the state; a large group of white London citizens being marched away from the scene with their hands on their heads, a line of riot police fanning out across the road with riot shields and batons.  The overt intimidation and oppression of the public has become a commonplace for British resistance movements, EDL, Britain First etc. London is already home to one of the most surveilled populations on the planet, this will now only get worse.

So where is this going and how will it end?  Yes there is a lot of anger and venom on the internet but as a percentage of the  British population the number who are prepared to do more than wine about it is still insignificant, sadly and unfortunately I do not believe they can expect any support from their compatriots.  And even if that were not the case they are completely disarmed against an armed and militarised police that has shown itself quite willing to serve the state in the oppression of the people.

A White Homeland is the only option. The psycho-spiritual destruction of white people the world over has reduced the vast majority of our people to the role of stateless slaves in the countries they built.  But they will not agree with this assessment. If they understand their history at all they still manage to disconnect themselves from their ancestors and negate any connection they may have had to the great achievements of white European civilisation. They are in effect racially and culturally dead. All that remains is for time to bring on the physical reality of that fact.

We must accept these facts, and look for a place to make a stand, somewhere where we can rebuild ourselves. We need the racially aware whites to evacuate our homelands and gather together in a spirit of pan-European brotherhood. Eastern Europe is currently the holdout against the liberal dogma of the West. Poland and Hungary, Victor Orban has already announced that Hungary stands ready to welcome European refugees.  Europe is not the architecture or the cities, Europe is the people, and as long as we exist, we can rebuild European civilisation where ever we lay down roots on this earth.   And as long as we preserve our racial identity then there is hope.

That also highlights the problem.  Unfortunately, there are some people who know those truths as well as we do and that is precisely why they want us gone.     They control out governments and have the full power of the military state at their disposal.  That is why at this point and barring some major levelling of the playing field the only option is to avail ourselves of the protection of a friendly state.
Isolated white communities will only be a temporary measure and trying to carve out a new White Ethnostate from the borders of an existing European country is not possible while they are able to print money and pay the race traitors that make up their armed forces.

In the event of a total economic collapse the situation may change, but people have been predicting the coming collapse for years, and the whole corrupt edifice may well stagger on for years yet, and in the meantime, we are being subjugated by our governments and slaughtered by the Muslims.
What we are witnessing is the greatest catastrophe in recorded history. The deliberate extermination of the most advanced and creative civilisation the world has ever seen.

It is our duty to our ancestors and our children, to be honest about our prospects and take appropriate action “to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”.


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