Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Mind Altering Books

We are a product of our learning and understanding. And as I have peeled back the layers of lies and deceit, I have, like so many others, found myself moving further and further to the political right.

Two short books I have recently read have helped to confirm my already held suspicions. They are;   Under Two Flags - Heinz Weichardt 28 pages. This short essay is in the form of a letter to a friend. It recites the experiences and exploits of Heinz Weichardt, an educated Jew who fled Germany to the United States in 1938.  Two things become apparent in the story of Mr. Weichardt; his experiences completely put the lie to the conventional and constantly promoted narrative of German villainy, and secondly the casual way he relates how no obstacle, either legal or financial, can stand in the way of a jew with connections.

The second book is The Jewish Strategy by Revilo P. Oliver 101 Pages.  This short book highlights the horrific tale of Jewish machinations and perfidy in their dealings with the Arian world.  All done from a completely objective and analytical point of view. He makes no judgment and sees the Jewish mode of operation as a highly successful survival strategy for a purely parasitical human organism. Their actions from the victim's point of view are diabolical in the extreme, yet from their point of view, they act in the highest code of morality!  This highlights the astonishing gulf of difference between the Jewish and Arian mindset. A mindset that makes us uniquely susceptible to religious infiltration.

Oliver takes a look at Christianity and the racially paralysing effect it has had on our civilisation.  There are competing theories on who invented Christianity and for what purpose. You can believe Joseph Atwill, that it was a Roman invention that backfired badly, or it was a Jewish invention that has taken almost two thousand years to utterly destroy it's intended victim.

I'm going to include another book here that I haven't even read yet. It deserves a mention though, even if for no other reason than it has been banned.  That being usually a good indicator that we need to read it. 200 Years Together (362 pages) was Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's last work and has never had a full authoritative English language edition published.  It chronicles the full sordid story of the Jews in Russia, hence the reason for it being unavailable in English.  This too is only a partial edition. Edited by L.T. Kizhe


  1. From anonymous commenter on Irish Savant's blog: "
    A complete translation into English of "200 Years Together" has just been finished.
    Here are two links where you can download the complete 656 page book. Copy and paste
    the first link into your browser to get the translation.
    Or alternatively:

    1. Thanks for the link, if this is an authoritative and accurate translation then it is a great and long overdue achievement.