Saturday, 11 November 2017

The Cultural Organism.

In this short piece I posit that the News Media,TV News and entertainment industries function in  a society like the brain in a man or any other animal. If you lose control of your brain, we say you are insane. In the same way if a culture loses control of it's media then it too can be called mad!

What is a people? A collection of human beings with a long shared history and ethnic unity. They share a commonality of morals and thought. They behave in similar ways in similar situations. They understand each other and recognise the essence of who they are. And they rejoice in the interplay of individuality and the collective consciousness that defines them. They aspire to and achieve a level of civilisation that reflects the innate intelligence and creativity that springs from their collective racial soul. The culture so displayed reveals their love for themselves and empathy for the environment that gives them life.

Organisational structures in this world tend to follow a familiar pattern, whether we are talking about low order insects or higher order primates,  centres of control and division of labour can be seen in all forms of life. From the individual organism in it’s internal biology right through to the large herd of Wildebeest or flock of starlings.

There is a dynamic principle of existence; it is the first order of business and the overarching command of life,- Survive!  In obedience to that law, all forms of life are equipped with systems of control and communication best suited to the needs of the particular organism and environment.

The Brain, -the organisational communications centre, receives information from all parts of the body on the state of, and conditions in and around the body. Decisions are made and commands initiated.  It is the communications centre and command centre of the organism.  Considering the collective as an extension of the individual the brain has its parallel in the systems whereby information is passed between individuals of the community and the mechanics whereby decisions are made for the community as a whole.   If anything should happen to interfere with or disrupt the communication system or the command structure of the community the entire population would be put at risk. It would be unable to react to clear and present dangers.  While one part of the herd is peacefully grassing another could be slaughtered at will by any aspiring predator.

Application to Man

The survival potential of the individual is best served by the survival of the group.  Doesn’t matter whether you are talking about Killer Whales, Ants, Bees or Meerkats, there is social organisation, a system of communication and a leadership structure.

The same is true for Man, the apex predator on the planet. And as a life form on this planet we are subject to the same first principle of existence as every other living thing; - Survive.
With our language, written communication, printing presses and now with technologies including Television and the internet we have gone in little more than a hundred years from slow community based printed Newspapers to daily and hourly communication.   Large numbers of our people can be informed about events on the other side of the world almost instantly.

The Fourth Estate as the brain of the cultural organism.

When we lose control of the means of information propagation within the community whether local or on a civilizational scale, it is the same as that community going mad. In the same way that we say an individual has lost his mind when he no longer can demonstrate control of his faculties and utters incoherent gibberish.  So too can we also say that a civilisation, a Race, or culture or any identifiable group when it seeds or loses control, either knowingly or by usurpation, of its mass media to an alien force that seeks to promote its own interests at the expense of the parent group, then that civilisation is clinically insane.

The problem with a foreign identity controlling the neural pathways and thinking faculties of your culture is that they don’t even need to be actively conspiring against you.  Even if they are only pursuing their own interests, invariably at some point group dynamics will come into conflict. If a plankton-eating whale pod becomes infiltrated by seals and those seals gain control of the matriarch, directing her to round up a school of small fish for dinner it won't be long before the pod is losing members and dying out.

The entirety of mainstream western- read White- media, both print and TV news has fallen into the hands of an alien group.  Defined ideologically but for all intents and purposes a group that might just as well be another species.  A group and ideology that for the most part is Jewish and the ideology is supremacist, globalist and radically egalitarian.

There is no doubt that the liberal mindset that embraces multiculturalism, promotes mass immigration and denies the existence of the White race, is anti-nature, anti-human and anti-white. It is a breaking of the point and dulling of the edge of the life force itself.  It requires the apex civilisation to completely extinguish itself in it’s never-ending pursuit of the liberal nirvana of universal equality.

Western man now finds himself at the brink of possibly irreversible social, racial, and cultural catastrophe.

We have –or had-  a trust-based system that presupposes a degree of group identity on the part of all its members. The thought that some of our people would group themselves together and act in a way so completely destructive to the group as a whole is never contemplated or allowed for.  Much less an alien race that would take advantage of an altruistic nature to introduce a doctrine of radical egalitarianism that allows them to subtly disarm our ability to discriminate in favour of our own people in our own countries. Ever since we lost control of our cultural brain we have been effectively culturally insane and the parasite thus lodged can begin secreting into our bloodstream it’s destructive poison.

The media should never be allowed to fall into the hands of foreigners.  For as long as group dynamics is the reality on this earth and inequality is the nature of life itself, then the jealousy of the slow and the dull will fall upon the capable and the bright. Go out and practice your philanthropy and your altruism but never leave the gates behind you open!

Finally, the world at this point is in the death grip of the anti-nature ideology of liberalism.  To avert a catastrophe, the apex civilisation must recognise itself again. That means acknowledging group identity, and group interests. It means wresting control of our means of communication from the alien group that has established a monopoly over the Press, TV News and entertainment.  Only then can we call ourselves sane and begin to climb out of the hole we have dug for ourselves and allowed others to dig for us.


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