Friday, 10 November 2017

The Pathology of Cowardice

It has become a commonplace nowadays in the right-wing movement to find people claiming that “the people are going to rise up in revolt” . “The people are getting angry and are not going to take much more”. Or if the government doesn’t do something then the people will take matters into their own hands.

I will assert here that this interpretation springs from a miss understanding of the national and racial psychology.

With each new anti-white atrocity the pattern of behaviour is driven deeper and deeper. What we are witnessing in the behaviour of white people the world over is not a build up of some kind of psycho-spiritual energy leading to a sudden miraculous and cathartic release of collective racial energy and will to survive, instead, sadly, we are witnessing the steady establishment of a learned pattern of behaviour.  A behaviour we have learned very well and are continuing to learn with each successive act of unprovoked slaughter of our people.

The practical process of this training goes more or less as follows; with each act of murder, our people search around for an acceptable and appropriate response, and of course they find one in the large number of slaughters of whites that have taken place all over Europe and now famously in Las Vegas as well.

And the response is to do nothing, the most we can do is march in solidarity --- with the families of the victims and sometimes even with members of the group from which the murderers came.  We express our apparently British traditions of tolerance and inclusion, and Love because “this is what they would have wanted”.

Even the queasiness in our stomachs goes unheeded as we push our prams around the streets of Rotheram trying to convince ourselves that we have indeed done our bit to salve our injured conscience. These are truly shocking levels of degenerate apathy.

So how is it possible that the culturally aware White British of a hundred years ago have been reduced to such lap dog servitude. This is not as some might assume a natural progression in the rise and fall of great civilisations.  This is the product of three generations of Pavlovian psychological conditioning since the end of the second world war.

There will be no point at which the British people will say enough!  There is no collective psychology left to respond. The great mass of the people have been deliberately atomised so that there are only now millions of individual islands of consciousness where once there was a people.   With each passing atrocity, the learned pattern of behaviour becomes ever more deeply ingrained and consequently more difficult to change.

There is no floor to this kind of servile behaviour, what we are experiencing is the downward escalator to ever more appalling demonstrations of servitude. The certain prognosis for a people that have convinced themselves that they do not exist is that they will not exist. And this diagnosis will not be slow to materialise.

There may be a cure however, and to continue the medical analogy, it is evident that the cure must come from an external source.  When the next slaughter of whites occurs, there must be an immediate and powerful response of revenge and punishment for the perpetrators. This would do two things; it would teach the perpetrators that there are immediate and serious consequences to acts of violence against our people, and more importantly, it would demonstrate to our own people that there is an alternative response to the usual serving of platitudes and tolerance.  Initially, a vigorous self-defence would be rejected even by our own people, but in time they will see that security and liberty come at the cost of a willingness to fight.

It is unlikely that a group prepared to do what is necessary to win could be entirely homegrown. The people need to be dedicated, fanatical, prepared to actually fight, they must be prepared to risk everything including their lives for the cause.  And they must be prepared to risk capture, imprisonment and suffering. And most importantly they must be deadly serious about winning.
All these characteristics just listed are exactly the ones possessed by all the Muslims doing Ala’s work in Europe these days.  And most of them with the exception of the willingness to risk their own necks are also possessed by our racial nemesis.

These requirements say something about our enemy and the nature of policing in the UK and the USA.

The Metropolitan Police have a mandate to uphold the law, however, in practice, this well-understood principle translates into an overriding obligation to keep the peace. And in the London of 2017 it’s not hard to imagine a situation where upholding the Law may mean falling foul of the dominant communities religious sensibilities. Islam.

In this situation, the calculus of the MET is simple, uphold the rights of White British people, and risk an immediate outbreak of massed violence and property damage by the Muslim community, or  ignore their complaints, suppress their rights and intimidate into silence the Ethnic British in the full knowledge that there will be no consequences, and the good white people will just toddle off home muttering some nasty jailable hate speech.    In the absence of cultural feeling or of any moral imperative on the part of the police officers themselves, it is easy to see which way the decision will fall.

There is a curious thing that happens when you put a human being in a uniform; when you give him a funny hat to wear and absolve him of any responsibilities for his actions; you bind him through peer pressure to a group whose aims are completely at odds with his own Racial and cultural survival.   You can see this same pattern anywhere in the world but most presciently in London where White men in uniform will go out of their way to harras and persecute other white men for standing up for the rights of his own people.

A look at the website of the MET reveals that the focus is directed at promoting African and Indian recruits.  And the focus is explicitly on Safety, not on the application of the law.
This situation will not change, the trajectory of white genocide is fixed.  The role therefore of the MET is to ensure that the replacement of White British people proceeds smoothly and safely.
The MET and most police forces around the world can be considered a dumb and stupid blunt instrument that the administration uses to enforce the reigning ideology of the time. Being as it is, that the administration itself is a tool to perniciously undercut the culture.

This situation opens up a fundamental weakness of policing in general and the MET in particular.  If the objective is peace and safety at the expense of Law and Liberty, then we only need to change the conditions under which the police are operating in order to change their behaviour.   We do not need to change their culture or their objectives at all. We only need to remove the delusion of consequence-free oppression of white people in order to fundamentally change the nature of this fight.

Politics Downstream of Culture.

We would not have got into this state without many years of cultural denigration. Christianity has also played it’s part with it’s implicit radical egalitarianism. But at this point in the 59th minute of the 11th hour, we no longer have the option of many years of cultural re-education. Now, it is fight or die.  And once again the vast majority of our people would prefer to be left alone to die in peace and comfort rather than fight for the future of their children.

So there it is, a small cadre of fighters who engage in direct action and cultural education to protect  and educate our people back to racial and cultural health.  Does such a group exist? Not that I am aware of.  Will such a group exist? Future Histories will tell us, but at this point our continued existence looks unlikely. It looked unlikely for the Viennese in 1683, until the famous charge of the Winged Hussars.  It looked unlikely for France until Charles Martel defeated the Muslims at Tours in 732.  And we are here today only because of the unlikely dreams of heroes and fanatics.


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