Monday, 30 October 2017

Flag Day 2017

The Following is a synopsis of a speech given in front of parliament buildings in Wellington, New Zealand on the 28th October 2017 in celebration of "Flag Day"


I am here today with some of our brothers from the Hawke's Bay to show our support for the movement and to send this new government a message.  We live in a unique moment in time when the pendulum of history is about to turn. All across the Western World  world we see signs of political change, Unexpected political results in America, the UK and Europe that drive the loony left insane with rage and consternation. And the fact that the left does not understand what’s going on stems from their complete and utter contempt for the average  European citizen.  The media and political establishment have tried and will continue to try to prop up this failing system for as long as they can. Using massive censorship of the internet and news media to try and starve and strangle any outbreak of nationalist ideas wherever they may occur. 

But there is no denying that the pendulum of history has reached the apex of its travel to the left.   And we now stand at a crossroads in history; the traditional left-right political paradigm has broken down, neither the communist-liberal-labour-left  nor  the capitalist-conservative-right offer any hope of delivering real long-term prosperity to regular citizens, and this is true not just of New Zealand but of all the liberal democracies of the western world.  The Marxist globalist agenda permeates the entire political spectrum, leaving nowhere left to stand for people who actually know what a country is, and for people who actually know what a People is.

These globalist ideologues talk about migrants, (and they use that term deliberately instead if the more descriptive “immigrant” to deliberately obfuscate the fact that these people are here to stay) and they use this term “people” to describe human beings that they see as nothing more than generic and interchangeable units of production and consumption.

Under the previouse National government, the party of business, the prevailing idea has been that it’s a good idea to run a country like a business.  Now this might sound like a fairly reasonable idea the first time you hear it.  But I have to ask, for what purpose does a business exist? It exists for the profit of the owner and shareholders.  In that sense the business world view pays no regard to borders and sovereignty, and sees all human beings simply as a human resource to be exploited at will. 

This is not our conception. We believe in the inherent dignity of the nation-state and the identity of the people that form it.  Identity is important and natural and right and good (and we must get used to saying that). And yet from the established political Parties we see ideology that attempts to undermine the very thing that defines a Nation; Racial and Cultural heritage.

Now In the building behind me, we have a new thing in New Zealand Politics.  But the more things change, the more they stay the same, and Winston Peters is back in the driver's seat, and he has done it on the back of a policy that only Winston in his Non-European identity could ever have pulled off.
Now we don’t have a Donald Trump in New Zealand but we do have a Winston, and even though he would resent such a comparison, I can tell you that no European led party would ever have stood a single chance of proposing we limit immigration to only 10000 per year.  Down from the current and suicidal figure of around 120000 or more. Any white person proposing such a thing would immediately be labelled a Nazi, a bigot and a white supremacist.

So while we are standing here today, we need to send Winston and the government a very clear and unmistakable message. “Keep your Word!”

And to that end, we have a petition on hand here today that you can sign. This petition is to urge the government to do two things;  Limit immigration to 10,000 a year, and hold a national referendum on the future cultural makeup of New Zealand. 

Now that second part is a pretty radical step.  But it’s only radical because there has never been in any predominantly White European country any open debate on immigration, on it’s nature or scope.  These decisions have always been made in private by politicians, bureaucrats and business leaders who only see the wonderful benefits of mass immigration to suppress wages and lift profits. 

We have young men working in New Zealand trying to support a wife and child on 17, and 18 dollars an hour. They would like to have more children, but they simply cant’ afford it.  This is a demographic catastrophe in the making, in a few years time you can imagine the government declaring in great surprise “gosh there’s not enough people, what a surprise! Let's open the borders!”   To Asia, China, to India, to Pakistan, Africa and its teeming millions, to the middle east. But will these same people think about helping our racial brothers and sisters escape crushing poverty and murder in Zimbabwe and South Africa or help our European people escape the broken cities of Europe, I seriously doubt it… 

How has this situation come about where our young people simply can not afford to have children, when for decades upon decades through every election cycle all we ever hear about is the economy? 
Even now the government has backed itself into a corner, we have an Immigration based economy, with real GDP of zero or close to it.  This is a situation that cannot continue, and a can that cannot be kicked down the road anymore.

So please go ahead and sign the petition here and let's make it absolutely clear to this government that we require and demand that they respect the first principles of government, which are to protect the sovereignty of this country and the welfare of its people.

Thank You

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