Tuesday, 23 May 2017


The Problem 
We know what that word means now. Yesterday it became a byword for mindless carnage and terrorism.  It no longer means clean white sheets from the Manchester cotton mills because no one remembers the industry that once flourished there.

Already the depressingly predictable platitudes are flowing from the accomplices of the horror. Sadiq Khan said, “Manchester and the rest of Britain will never be cowed by terrorism. Those who want to destroy our way of life and divide us will never succeed”  Laurie Penny sais “Don’t let your horror be co-opted by racists. Don’t exploit the death of children to justify neo-fascism. Be better, be kinder than that ”. Or The Independent, “There’s only one way Britain should respond to attacks such as Manchester. That is by carrying on exactly as before”.

And this is how it will proceed. We are following the only script our political paralysis will allow us to follow.  Institutionalised hand-wringing followed by capitulation and an exhortation to do nothing, and then in a fit of mental contortion, we tell ourselves that we have won if we only carry on as before. We have won if we do nothing, the corollary of which is that, to take any measures against such attacks is to hoist the white flag of surrender and defeat…

There is insanity here.  I have heard that the profession of psychology has the highest rates of suicides.  That is not surprising, constantly itemising and analysing the deeds and utterances of the mind of the insane does not itself produce sanity.  The sane mind embraces truth and endeavours to see the world as it is. Understanding reality and your place in it is the key to sanity and happiness.

So what are we to make of the regular slaughter of White Europeans all across France, Germany, Stockholm, London and now Manchester? Who is being attacked? On what basis are they identifying their victims, racial, ideological, political? What is the purpose of the attacks? Who are the perpetrators of the attacks? Are the attacks random or are they part of a deliberate overall plan? Is it a national attack or an ideological attack, i.e. state sponsored or terrorist group? Is it a religious or civilizational attack?

As the questions go on it becomes clear that the answers to many of them are already well known.

To a certain extent, I have a decent respect for our Muslim enemies. He is an honest enemy in that figuratively he has stood up in front of the Western white Christian world and told us exactly what his intentions are. He is here to establish the caliphate by the sword. (That, of course, being always the only way such an anti-social and barbaric “religion” can spread.) He says to us quite clearly, we are going to breed you out of existence, your women will wear the hijab, and you will worship Ala and his prophet Mohamed. If you resist you will be killed.

Once we have been informed of the intentions of such an enemy, we no longer have the luxury of excuses for inaction. We know exactly what our fate will be, and every moment of delay only makes that fate ever more certain.

So…what’s the problem?  Our enemy knows full well the efficacy of violence, without a proper response our behaviour will of necessity have to change.  Who is going to go to a live concert now? If you are a left wing political activist you might go in an attempt to deliberately put yourself in harm’s way just to prove how much you have won against the enemy that wants to kill you…(!) But normal, semi-sane human beings will not go, they don’t want to die for left wing liberal ideology.

And that’s where we come to it. The thinking of our political class, the media and the universities are thoroughly saturated with liberal ideology, which at its root is communist.  But it’s worse than that, look what happened in France, after apparently 20 terrorist attacks in the last three years they elected Macron by a huge margin because they thought that a populist candidate that championed the French people and French interests was “dangerous”!  To listen to the way the general population all across Europe talk about these things reveals a dangerous pathology. And this backs up the point that we get the politics we deserve.

So how did, not just Manchester or England, but every country of western Europe go from people and government’s that had a reasonable respect for their own security and identity to a situation where the moral ethos of the people is fundamentally detrimental to their own survival. Jonathon Bowden refers to the self-negation of western man and the grammar of self-intolerance. Our Governments adopt on the basis of humanitarian obligations policies that are verging on open hostility for their native populations.

I said previously that it was possible to have respect between protagonists. But there is another kind of enemy.  One that relies on covert means, infiltration, subversion and corruption to undermine the will of his enemy.  Now, these ideas of globalism and radical egalitarianism, humanism have their negative counterparts, Race does not exist, nations do not matter, all “people” are equal.  These ideas have saturated society. Every housewife, man woman and child has taken on to a greater or lesser extent the poison of liberal ideology. Without even knowing it they support policies that are designed to destroy their country, their heritage and their people. But they think they are just being fair!

You know there is something more to this when you realise that these are not just political beliefs but are dogmatic and religiously held absolutes that are violently defended against perceived attacks.  To suggest that Race exists,- “you’re a Racist!” You want to defend your country,- “you’re a xenophobe!”, you speak out against Muslim rape gangs,- “you’re an Islamophobe!” An interesting question might be, “Under what circumstances might it be reasonable and sane to be Racist, Xenophobic and Islamophobic?”

The pervasive liberal ideology has created in society a mental straight jacket that completely precludes us ever being able to recognise the problem, much less find a sensible solution. Unfortunately, our enemies have no such humanitarian qualms, they operate quite outside our frame of reference, so when we are presented with the bloody results of their actions against us, we cannot and will not allow it to exist. So we do the only thing our frame of reference will allow us to do when presented with such a reality. We cry and hiss, we march obediently, and our leaders tell us we will not be divided while all the time promoting immigration and welfare policies that enhance the position of the enemy in our midst.

The Solution
Is there a real solution? Under the current paradigm, - no.

There is however a process to liberation, in the political right it has become known as the Red Pill after the scene in The Matrix movie in which Neo is offered the Red or the Blue pill, take the blue pill and forget everything and go back to your normal life, or take the red pill and begin a journey of discovery and liberation from slavery.

The objective of Red Pilling yourself is to free yourself to be able to recognise the reality of the situation we face. If you can red pill your friends they too will be able to identify the enemy and decide on an appropriate course of action.

In any conflict, you only have two options, well, three if you include defeat as an option! Fight or Flight.  Under the current dispensation, the only option for whites is Flight. And we see white flight all over the white world as whites move out of communities that are progressively infiltrated by none whites. The process feeds on itself until there are no whites left in whole cities or districts. And always the reasons given by whites for their departure are disingenuous.

To stay and fight at this time would mean engaging in a covert war against specific targets.   A guerrilla warfare employing all the usual tactics to send a very clear and unambiguous message to the enemy.  We say NO. We say we will survive, and we are prepared to use lethal force to drive you out. I do not know who said it but it has been said before, “you know you have a movement when there is blood in the street”.  We must recognise and accept that fighting does not mean doing what I am doing right now, tapping away on a keyboard like so many other so-called activists.  We must prove to the Islamists and the government that they do not have a monopoly on violence, War is the continuation of politics by other means, and we mean to prove it.  I do not advocate open acts of mindless violence but specific actions against legitimate targets will be vital to prove the point that a free people have freedom of action.

One of the thousands of miss-directions we have been fed is that we must reject violence as a means of resolving conflict. That is a lie. As our enemy has proved many times already, violence and the legitimate threat of violence is highly effective in cowing resistance. Our own police now intimidate us instead of the enemy because they know very well what will happen if they take action against the Muslims.

But imagine if you will the scenario after this latest massacre. A radical Imam is invited to address the gathered throng of obedient docile whites, he starts to talk and as he does so receives a sniper's bullet through the forehead.  His brains explode behind him and he falls dead to the ground.  That’s a message.  Until words are backed up by action they remain just that, words.

The problem for Racially and culturally aware whites is that the vast majority of our people are still slaves in the Matrix, and will at the first appearance of resistance become – to continue the movie analogy- agents of the machine.  To that end it is the responsibility of the free whites to red pill as many as they can as fast as they can and to encourage the development of racially aware communities.

At the first appearance of genuine violent resistance, it can be expected that the government, -and this will be true for all European governments, will move heaven and earth to put down the resistance. The full resources of the state will be employed to track down and arrest anyone suspected of being involved. A massive news blackout will be imposed and every media will be used to demonise the resistance movement. The government will seek to portray the Muslims as victims and the resistance as Nazi Racists that must be stopped at all costs.

The flip side of this is that direct action will force the government to show it’s true colours.   Which of itself will be to our advantage, but this is war and the ability to negate government propaganda will be crucial in the battle to free our people. The internet is huge but there is so much information out there that the message may just not get through to those that need to hear it.  Commandeering a network broadcaster, or establishing a pirate station may be one way of circumventing government censorship.  Not unheard of or impossible as I can attest to from New Zealand's Radio Hauraki which started out as a pirate radio station broadcasting from a boat in international waters.

The future is uncertain and the path any resistance will take cannot be predicted. I believe our survival depends on both flight and fight because without the willingness to fight we will simply never be left alone.  At this moment the future looks bleak indeed. But there are groups advocating for White Ethnostates in Sweden and North America and these groups can only grow as White people are woken up to the reality of their displacement and genocide. It is up to those of us already free to double our efforts to reach our people before it is too late.

In Sweden, there is The Nordic Resistance advocating for a white ethnostate spanning the Scandinavian countries, and Order15 standing up for White ethnic communities and a rediscovery of our ethnic roots. In North America, there is the Northwest American Republic making a bold claim to the north-west states for an exclusively White Ethnostate.

The future is ours if we are only prepared to take it.


One of the best YouTube responses I have seen so far was from The Iconoclast

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