Friday, 21 April 2017

The German Malaise

I woke up this morning to the news That Angela Merkel had recaptured the lead in German state elections.  Her Christian Democratic Union party won 40.7% of the vote in Sarland, a small state on the French border.

The result of three generations of anti-german propaganda.

The reason for the overwhelming joy of this melee, is the unexpected size of the victory for Angela Merkel, 40.7%, particularly in view of the perceived threat from "populist" AfD. Ms Merkel was soundly beaten last year in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.

Incredibly, a surge in populist sentiment is portrayed as a source of fear and trepidation.  The mainstream media presents “Populist” as if this is something to be feared.  A popular government in a democratic society?  Surely to God that is the very definition and essence of democracy!
But no, populist is now imbued with a different meaning; if a set of political ideals appeal to large numbers of people and if those ideas appeal because they promote self-worth, national pride, security and prosperity for the people, then they are to be viewed with suspicion.  It seems that anything that appeals to virtues of German identity is dangerous… Interesting.  It doesn’t take much digging along this line of thought to come to the same old tired rhetoric.  The War, the Holocaust. After seventy years it seems that the only thing that will placate the blood lust of the victors is the total elimination of the German people. Their blood, their history and their achievements. And when it is done, they will be replaced in history by fabricated tales of despicable and murderous “Nazis”. The heart of Europe will finally have been ripped out and extinguished.

Too melodramatic? Very few Europeans appreciate the gravity of the situation or the magnitude of the task ahead.

Regarding that task, we should take it easy on the German people who yet remain.  I have seen since the Muslim invasion started many comments lambasting German manhood for failing to stand up for themselves or their women.

The dynamics of human psychology can be extended from the individual to the nation-state. That being the case it is possible to individualize the German tragedy down to the experience of one single individual, a woman as often countries are represented.

This is a woman that has experienced the ecstasy of love in the flowering of her youth.  The exhilaration of victory and the tragedy of defeat.
This woman is Germany now, confined,  repeatedly raped, and beaten starved and tortured, she is indoctrinated against herself and her family, strange techniques of abuse are practiced on her. She is treated as less than human. Not allowed to die, she craves only for the pain to end. But the victors, her captors will not let her die, the cycle goes on for years, mental torture and denigrating propaganda continue to the point where the thought of herself revolts her.  Those that she once loved and cherished make her vomit.

In quiet moments in her cell she is left to ponder the reason for her existence, she can no longer fathom how or why her foul and meaningless form ever came into existence. She is of course completely mad by now.

Then one day seventy years have passed, the door opens, and a bright young thing strides in, “hey get up! Why don’t you defend yourself?”. “You're so gutless, you should stand up to these goons”. And finally ”You make me sick, you’re pathetic”, and the bright young thing turns around and walks out the door.

She lies there on the floor, prostrate and weak, another mind game is over, she tries to die but can't.

The correct way to try and help someone in this state is not to try and goad them into a positive response. They are way too far gone for that, they will simply agree with all the abuses you hurl at them.  To all the internet smart arses that hurl abuses at the German people I say, what response would you give to the woman I described?

Björn Höcke of the Afd party made a speech recently in which he criticised the way Germany constantly remembers the Holocaust, and teaches it’s children that German history is “something rotten and ridiculous”. He described the German state of mind as that of “a brutally beaten people”.
The response from mainstream political parties was predictable, “neo-Nazi”, “unspeakable.”, “the AfD…must apologise to our Jewish friends.”

There are reports that the Alternative for Germany party has lost a third of its support. However, they are still polling at 8%, enough to win seats in the Bundestag in the September 17 General Election.  If their support holds.

This weekend the AfD are holdingt their party conference in Cologne.   The city is expecting 50000 German citizens to turn up to protest and disrupt and try to shut down the conference of the only political party in Germany that is fighting for the rights of Germans to be German, to secure their borders and resurrect their culture and give them a future worth having. But 50000 protesters and left wing(read communist useful idiots) extremists will attempt to shut down the conference!

It is obvious from the preceding that Germany is culturally sick, and it’s terminal. I have to conclude that if anyone is going to save Germany it in not going to be the Germans. Someone else is going to have to stand up and give this sick, betrayed and broken woman the help, understanding and yes love she needs to make the heart of Europe beat again.



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