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Popular media support for large scale immigration

In the case of much of the reporting, it is unlikely that there is a deliberate conspiracy.  The problem is the mindset. The media and the government is a sealed environment of liberal ideology, they are simply not capable of thinking in racial terms, and they have a very thin notion of what constitutes a country, particularly their own country. The disdain they feel for their own people is subconscious; they do not think in terms of their own “people”. That, in their arrogant ideological superiority, is beneath them,  in their conception, they belong to a superior and more highly evolved collective of “Humanity” and that is a dangerous delusion.

Nigel Lata is a popular TV personality in New Zealand who presents as being a reliable and trustworthy source due to his qualifications and background in Psychology.  In 2016  he produced an article in promoting the virtues of immigration.

Among the torrent of anti-white bias and racial ignorance was this gem of Orwellian Newspeak;
“People are worried about immigrants driving up the demand for housing but the truth is the levels of migrants coming to New Zealand has been stable for the last ten years (its just less kiwis are leaving and more kiwis are coming back), and we also need migrants to come and help build all of the houses we need. We're not going to fix the housing crisis by shutting out all the high skilled people we need to grow our economy.”
  1. Immigration has most definitely NOT been stable over the last ten years, see graph below.
  2. “…we also need migrants to come and help build all of the houses we need.” Houses we need for the migrants..! This is self-defeating circular logic. If we did not have the migrants, we would not need the houses. Obviously.
  3. “We're not going to fix the housing crisis by shutting out all the high skilled people we need to grow our economy”. Neither will it be fixed by opening the door to thousands of Indian and Asian migrants, most of whom are not qualified, not experienced, are not builders and will in no way be able to help solve the housing crisis that they themselves create by being here.  Mr Latter talks as if anyone can turn up from the punjab with hammer in hand and start building New Zealand houses. There are very specific New Zealand building codes and standards that have to be worked to. Builders in NZ have to go through a four-year apprenticeship before they are qualified to work unattended.
Net NZ Population Growth

Mr Latta’s statement also makes several false assumptions about the NZ economy
  1. “we need to grow our economy”.  This is a deeper and more complex subject but it is by no means certain that constant increases in GDP  are the only indicator of a functioning and sustainable society.
  2. “…shutting out all the high skilled people we need to grow our economy."  He seems to believe  India and China are the only sources of highly skilled people. White Europeans built western civilisation and everything in it, from the art, philosophy music and architecture, to the science and technology that the world enjoys today. New Zealand has long been known for punching above its weight in individual brilliance and technical achievement, If there is a country that needs an influx of “highly skilled people” it is India, not New Zealand.
  3. Is focussing on growing the economy going to fix the housing crisis? Not necessarily.

As it is the New Zealand economy is not only growing; it is boiling. According to the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, we have an immigration-driven economy.

  • "The growth outlook remains positive, supported by on-going accommodative monetary policy, strong population growth, and high levels of household spending and construction activity." RBNZ
  • "Economic growth in New Zealand has increased as expected and is steadily drawing on spare resources.  The outlook remains positive, supported by ongoing accommodative monetary policy, strong population growth, increased household spending and rising construction activity." RBNZ
  • "Strong net migration has lifted population growth to around 2 per cent over the last year, which means that per capita GDP growth has slowed to not much more than zero." Westpac senior economist Michael Gordon
  • "Economic growth has slowed to a rate not much more than population growth, which tells you that, beneath the surface, productivity is falling," Ebert. BNZ Economist

We have a lopsided economy that is booming in the immigration sector but still requires propping up with a historically low OCR of 1.75 % to provide stimulation for the tradeable sector.

Economically the New Zealand government has backed itself into a corner with immigration. Turn off the immigration tap and the economy will tank. Or keep it wide open and continue to hollow out the country from the inside.  Either way, the prognosis is not good.  The glib simplistic attitude of the government is summed up in this statement from our prime minister;

"In the longer term, we build our economy around people and more of them in New Zealand is a good thing." B English

Still Too White

Also from in September 2016, a white demonizing article entitled “Which is New Zealand's whitest region?

“So which part of New Zealand is diversifying the fastest, and why are other parts still so homogenous?”  What is the intent behind such a loaded question?  The whites are clearly being disparaged and backed into a corner where they can not defend themselves for fear of the dreaded “R” word. “But why is it still so white today?”  The writer of this article Laura McQuillan obviously feels at liberty to make openly racist statements against Whites. Just replace the word white with black or Asian, and the institutionalized racism becomes obvious.

But rather than calling out the radical racist agenda, the Waimakariri District Council grovels apologetically for it’s 95% white town.

“Ayers said the council was actively encouraging ethnic diversity, both through its recruitment practices, and in a programme specifically targeting the assimilation of newcomers to the district, especially those whose first language wasn't English.”

So the council announces that it is engaging in a racist recruitment program that actively disparages the white population in favour of Asian and Indian immigrants!

Even if councils across New Zealand do want to stand up to this kind of racist bullying they will not feel at liberty to do so if they doubt the support of the communities they serve.  Ultimately it is up to ordinary people to stand up to this racial bullying at first it shows it's face. It is the people who have allowed this cultural rot to creep into our communities, and it is only collective action by the same people who allowed it to happen, that will succeed in driving the Anti whites out of town.


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