Saturday, 3 December 2016

Now that we have Trump...

I should have listened to my mother; "you should be careful what you wish for, you just might get more than you bargained for"!

Millions of white Americans and millions of concerned whites all around the world were rooting for a Donald Trump victory, and they got it.

They knew implicitly that this was it. A last chance; a watershed moment in white survival. If Clinton got in the floodgates would open, and our future as a subjugated minority would arrive.

Rightly or wrongly, whether it was a miss-guided hope or not, white people identified with Trump. But incredibly, in public interviews, the issue of race was barely mentioned. People preferring to couch their support for Mr Trump in terms of his economic and business acumen. Or base as they would, their support for his campaign on his controversial immigration policy or his apparently radical idea that illegals should be detained and repatriated.

Very very few people, even now at this late stage in the collapse of our civilisation, are prepared to use the “R” word to promulgate the idea of a White European focused leadership of the USA. God forbid that anyone should suffer to be called a dreaded “Racist”!

In a social paradigm of massive reverse racism, population replacement, with abortion freely available and race mixing promoted widely through the corporate media. Any white person with the courage to stand up for his people faces the immediate threat of slanderous accusations. He will be called a "Nazi", and a "racist" and a "white supremacist!" For such obvious fallacies to be propounded through the media indicates that our fifth estate has either fallen victim en-mass to a false and suicidal doctrine or it has been bought and paid for by; not just a foreign power, but rather, a specific racial enemy.

If I had been an American, or perhaps even just an illegal alien as apparently now that is all that is required in order to be able to vote in the US, if you intend to register Democrat, I would have voted Trump because a vote for Hillary would so obviously be a vote for surrender.

Semaphore Signal

Trump's success at the polls has been a semaphore signal to whites the world over; a pause in the weather, a break in the battle or a change in the wind, or to those on the front lines a cool rain in a blazing inferno.
Collectively I can almost hear it “maybe…maybe we will be allowed to live…!”

How justified these vain hopes are, really doesn’t matter at this point. Anything that will put wind in the sails of the handful of serious white leaders we have worldwide is a good thing.
It may even bring more people out of the woodwork to be believers and even leaders in the cause.

Caveats on the cause. 

But the caveats I have on my support for Trump are as follows;
1. He has not come out explicitly in support of white Americans. Our support of him is based on us liberally reading into his words and somewhat hopefully between his lines.
2. He has not recognised the issue of white disenfranchisement. He has spoken specifically About Muslims – in connection with terrorism
And Mexicans  - in connection with illegal immigration and jobs and crime.
3. He is pro gay rights. Homosexuality is an anomalous reality of the human condition. There have been famous homosexuals in our history and whilst I do not advocate legislation to actively conspire or discriminate against the "gay" community, there is a gulf of difference between the acceptance of the condition on the one hand and actively promoting homosexuality as a viable or even desirable lifestyle on the other. Something the left has been doing for years with predictably disastrous effects on our culture.
4. He is the most pro-Israel candidate in US political history. This is the most serious problem with Donald Trump from a European survivalist point of view. He famously told AIPAC that he didn’t want their money and I think on that basis a lot of whites have deliberately closed their ears and eyes to Mr Trumps wildly over the top and sycophantic stance on any and all issues pertaining to Jews and Israel.

A well-honed racket 

The Jews are well organised, and always plan many years ahead. All four of Trump's adult children are either married to or partnered with Jews. Just in the last few weeks, his first grandson underwent the despicable practice of Jewish male genital mutilation.  Otherwise known as circumcision.
If Mr Trump is not already beholden to our Zionist overlords, then they at least have their people on the inside.  It is the same well-honed racket they have been running for centuries, the book of Esther being a case in point.

Surround the king; get your people into key positions of influence and if possible marry your people into the king's family and most of all seek to marry one of your daughters to the king himself.

Our people for thousands of years have habitually underestimated our eternal enemy. They are highly organised, totally dedicated to their own advancement, absolutely ruthless in the pursuit of their aims, and they will never, ever stop.

Our man in the white house may not be bought and paid for yet, but with Donald Trump in the White House this degree of Zionist influence translates to control and therefore power and Donald may only discover he has a leash around his neck when one day he strays a little too far from the acceptable range of pro-Jewish policy decisions. From our Zionist controller's point of view, I can well imagine Sheldon Adelson's response to the debacle of the 2016 election cycle “heads I win tails you lose”. Same trick different century.

The implications of this reality for our people are horrific. Because of the nature of our enemy, eventually, it will be either us or them. Matter and antimatter, only one can exist in the same place at the same time.  At this point in this aeon spanning death struggle, they are winning.

Becoming Ourselves and the nature of war.

A permanent solution will only ever be achieved if we are first able to overcome ourselves. We will need to become something we have never been in order to do something we have never done.

Our enemy is using against us the finest weapon they could find, one tailor made to destroy a people who value truth, beauty, logic and creativity. A people who value love and nature, who have empathy with the natural world and who are the sentient expression of it.

That weapon they use against us to such devastating effect is, of course, our own basic nature. And that is the thing we must learn to overcome if we are ever to defeat our eternal nemesis.
The question then for us is “how do we become something we are not in order to defeat an enemy that is using our own nature to destroy us"?

We are fighting for the essence, fighting to remain what we are, but in order to win, must we become something we are not and in so doing, do we not do our enemies job for him? Having won in this way can we still claim to be the people we fought to preserve? Must we do our enemies work for him? Defeating who we are first so that we might defeat him more perfectly?

It is not a matter of defeating what we are, but rather a matter of discovering and releasing what we have always been.

Even in this time of apparent weakness, the best of us are the best there is. It has always been this way, and this is primordial. We can do survival, but a decision is required first. The Jews have achieved an incredible cultural coup in convincing over a period of seven decades an advanced global civilisation of the meritorious benefits of ethnic annihilation.

It isn't a matter of defeating who we are but rather a question of peeling back the multi-layered labyrinth of lies and deceptions to a point where a white man anywhere on this earth can think clearly and without reservation about who he is, the race he is part of and his role in this world.

So what does the election of Donald J Trump mean for the survival of white Europeans as a distinct racial identity?  It means we still need the same solid leadership we needed before. We still need to wake up enough of our people worldwide to make a difference, we still need discipline, organisation, planning and a strategy for success that includes specific goals.

In other words, nothing has changed, but it may be that in years  to come we may look back at the Trump election and say "That was the spark that lit the fire of revolution that saved us."


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