Monday, 19 December 2016

Why must we fight?

The following text served as the basis for an address given at Speakers Corner, Albert Park. Auckland on Tuesday 13th December 2016.

Pease is always the easiest option.

Weather on the personal, national, or even on a racial and cultural level. Even the aggressor wants peace; “Just give me your stuff”, “step aside and let us in”  or “stop complaining, you deserve it anyway”. Yes, peace is easy to achieve and maintain. All that is required is a complete lack of national and cultural identity.

When you have no nation, and no race and when all that is left is Homo Economicus, a type of deracinated humanoid island existing in an atomised society in which every single human being is regarded by the state and himself as an island distinct from all the other human islands surrounding him and in corporate jargon regarded as a "human resource" or in the jargon of the state as a unit of work and consumption, this, in place of the racially defined man of the Nation, then, in that case, it makes no difference who occupies what territory, even the very notion of a country seems obsolete.  And so in such a paradigm to rise up in armed defence of your territory against an invading army would seem equally ridiculous. They are "People" of course just like us and whether they come armed with swords scimitars or smiles they are still just people.

But we live in a time of discovery. We are discovering something about ourselves. That there is something about ourselves that is hard wired. We are discovering that even after 70 years of liberal Zionist propaganda there is something hard-wired about us that even we didn’t know couldn’t be changed. We are different, and some of us are only now just starting to realise how different we are.

The European people are creative beyond comparison. Not every single member of our race obviously, but year on year, appear amongst us artists, inventors, scientists, engineers architects and philosophers and doctors and musicians who have advanced the cause of human thought and civilisation. Completely outstripping any other branch of humanity. And now after thousands of years of achievement in every field of human endeavour, we have allowed ourselves to be persuaded to feel bad about it!

We have our failings, of course, we have become soft, introspective gullible and na├»ve to an absurd and ridiculous degree. But we are discovering something about ourselves. That we are still all the things we have always been. We are discovering these things about ourselves because we have been forced by our adversaries to ask some very disturbing questions. We have for years been encouraged not to think of ourselves as a race, yet now we can see quite clearly that we are being attacked as a race on a global scale. Why? And by whom?  There is only one constant in the open and global drive for mass immigration. All White countries and only White countries are being targeted and slated for destruction!

And why would any person,  group or entity seek to wipe us out globally in every country on earth all at the same time? The only conclusion we can arrive at is that they want us gone simply because of the threat we pose to them and their plans by our continued existence. Regardless of how outlandish or ridiculous that may sound, we cannot escape the practical realities of what is happening.

After eight years of our Jewish prime minister Key in New Zealand, the communist Merkel in Germany, Jewish Cameron in London and African-American Obama in the US, white people the world over are waking up to the fact that if we are to survive as an ethnic identity at all, then we are going to have to become the very thing they accuse us of being in order to justify our demise.

I’m talking of course about the accusations of “white supremacist”, "Racist" and complaints of "white oppression".  How do the people that make these spurious accusations suppose the wealth of white European countries came about? They like to pretend that the wealth of white countries is a fact independent of the people who produced it. Was it just luck, and if black explorers from Africa had found Australia then they too would have inherited the lucky country?   No.  There is a self-fulfilling nature to these accusations because they force us to think about how our wealth and civilization came about. It came about because of who we are. It's what we do as a racial group that makes the difference.

And now the waking White Race stands with it's back against the wall, sick and tired of being taken advantage of and apologizing for existing. We face an existential threat and in the bloody world of conquest and survival and because no one ever fought to the death for the right to be average, we, therefore, of necessity MUST believe that we are a race that is worthy of survival and we MUST declare our primacy over the territory we call ours. And that, by definition makes us who would live, White supremacists!

And so from now on, we will brush off these asinine slurs, the childish petulance of all the useful idiots of the Marxist left, and say to all white men of character it's time to grow up, grow a pair, stand up and defend our people.

And finally a reminder about our eternal enemy. Do not underestimate him, he may come to you as a lamb in distress, preying on your natural empathy but beware; our eternal enemy is highly organised, totally dedicated, absolutely ruthless and he will never ever stop.


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