Friday, 25 November 2016

The White Man’s Reading List

Every great revolution needs its academics and philosophers as well as a large contingent of enthusiastic foot soldiers. The leading Bolsheviks knew Marx chapter and verse,  they had the theory and philosophy of communism down pat complete with its mandatory genocides and totalitarianism.

Any movement that hopes to be around longer than a street riot will need a central cadre of dedicated and highly educated men with a deep understanding of the issues.  They must live and breath the movement and its philosophy, understanding both its aims as well as its methods. 

They must also know their enemy, as well as they know themselves.  If you cannot correctly identify the enemy and do not have an effective plan to destroy it, your movement will fail!
To that end, I present the White Mans Reading List. Taken from my own collection of books and ebooks, this is not exhaustive but it’s a good start.

Mein Kampf. A Hitler
Adolf Hitler's classic, essential reading for anyone wanting to peel away the layers of post-war propaganda and outright lies surrounding the leader of National Socialist Germany. 
The Creature From Jekyll Island. E Griffin
A broad strokes tour of the last 100 years of deceit and deception.  Reveals the same power behind the Bolsheviks and the Fed.
Who We Are. W Pierce
Why has our European culture been so easily undermined?
Quite simply because no one ever told us the material in this book. Read it and stand tall!
Western Civilisation Bites Back. J Bowden
When Jonathan Bowden died prematurely in 2012 the white Renaissance movement lost a powerful orator and gifted literary genius.  This book is a collection of his most well-known speeches.
Judaism Discovered. M Hoffman
A huge and scholarly work designed for both a Jewish and Gentile audience. Hoffmann digs deep into the Babylonian Talmud to reveal the godless religion of our racial nemesis.
The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. E. Michael Jones
Jones goes into amazing detail, probably too much detail, tracking two thousand years of Jewish scheming to overthrow and corrupt European Civilisation.  In the final analysis, they have been doing this for so long now that they simply can not help themselves.
Breaking The Spell. Dr Nicholas Kollerstrom
I have called the Jewish Holocaust the capstone issue of the post-war dispensation. It is the single enabling dogma beneath which all the other suicidal dogmas work there homicidal magic.
The idea that Hitler was the most evil man that ever lived,
That National Socialism is also therefore evil,
That all white people are evil by association...
But what if I told you that the basic premise upon which the traditional Holocaust narrative is based is either wildly exaggerated or cut entirely from whole cloth, all for the purpose of political and financial gain.
Read this and the other books in the series to draw back the curtain on the greatest mass deception of all time.
Debating The Holocaust. T Dalton Phd
The Holocaust has been the untouchable issue of our time. This book is part of a thirty-two books set produced by independent experts in their respective areas. 
The Gulag Archipelago. A Solzhenitsyn
How bad can things get if we do nothing?  Solzhenitsyn’s famous work provides an unequivocal answer.

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