Friday, 28 October 2016

The Art of Persuasion

How to talk to people about white genocide.

Many people we come into contact with on a daily basis have absolutely no idea of the planned fate of the White Race. Without knowing it they are completely immersed in the liberal Marxist agenda; the government tells the truth, the 6 o'clock news is an accurate and unbiased assessment of world events and if we just trust the government then everything will work out fine...

So how does one bring people along to a position that many of us have spent years to get to?

This is an incredibly difficult task. Should one attempt to synthesise years of study and learning into a few simple sentences and then just dump all that information into the brain of the unsuspecting agent we happen to be confronted with? (I say Agent, because just like in the movie, anyone who has not yet been Red Pilled is still effectively working for the machine).

Or do you work in baby steps, connecting with your Agent on an emotional level to introduce the truth serum to them one small concept at a time?

To answer these questions it depends on the individual. It also depends on how much time you have with the individual and whether you are going to be able to talk with them again. 

General rules on engagement.

  1. Stay calm. They may give you reason to lose it, but don't. Your mission is bigger than that.
  2. Don't alienate them by showing them up or making them look stupid.
  3. Simply point the way so that they can find the truth for themselves. Help them to see the logical fallacies and inconsistencies in their arguments.
  4. Don't try to counter EVERY false statement or interjection. Almost everything they think they know is wrong. Decide on the basic point you wish to make and stick to it. Attempting to counter every statement made will have you jumping from issue to issue fending off attacks from all directions. You will get frustrated, lose your cool and look like a crank.   
For every person we fail with there is a ripple effect that can cost the lives of our people down the track. But the reverse is also true. For each person red pilled we move closer to the goal of building a groundswell of public opinion from which will come the movement to change the world and save our people.

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