Saturday, 27 August 2016

First Impressions USA

After three weeks into a five-week stint working in America, I have to admit that even without any strong pre-conceptions about what to expect I am still surprised by what I have found.

I'm in California, I was told before I left New Zealand that there were lots of Mexicans here. That is to be expected, the border is only a day's drive away, and I am sure there are many incentives to seek work in California.

I am also well aware of the political climate to open the borders and replace white populations anywhere and everywhere they can be found.  But even with that having been said I am still shocked to find how far advanced the process has become in this part of southern California.

It is not just that there are a lot of ethnically mixed or none Europeans here. The Europeans seem to be already a small and dwindling minority.  The degree of miscegenation is also very high. Anecdotally all three of the European women I saw in Me-N-Ed's collecting their pizza's had Mexican partners,- of course we are all free to make our choices of partner, but understand; these things do not happen in a vacuum, and for every white girl that marries outside her cultural group there is one less white girl available for the white man that would have been her partner.

Now I do not disparage the Mexican culture or people. I would love to travel to Mexico and experience Mexican culture first hand. The food, the music and dance. The beautiful women and the song of the people in the crucible of its creation.  But it is virtually impossible to preserve a people and its culture when it is forced to mix with a completely different culture. Both cultures become diluted, and the people find themselves cut off from the roots of their identity.

On a positive note, the Mexican culture is compatible with North American European culture through its historical and religious ties to Spain and Roman Catholicism. Something that can not be said for the Muslim hordes now entering the country.

What Country?

After a mere three weeks of watching the news and exposure to the manic commercialism that is America today, I don’t think the USA is actually a country at all; certainly not in anything like the traditional ethnocultural-linguistic and geographical sense of the word.

The definition of the word "Country" seems to be getting tacitly changed to mean whatever America has become at any given point in time, This just to maintain the illusion of nationhood that the people cling so desperately to.  Like the historical emblem that flies from so many flagpoles all over the country, it represents an idea the reality of which has long since departed these shores.

Modern America is an ethnic dumping ground and a cultural wasteland.  You can find anything you want here just as long as you don’t value the genuine or the authentic. Each facsimile of any one of the myriad social groups represented in the human morass called America is only a colourless shadow of what its parent culture would have been.

Modern America is a racial catastrophe. A deliberate genocide of white culture by any other name. Political and social discourse continuously dances around the issue, pointing this way and that always being sure not to say anything that might offend the delicate sensibilities of those who are replacing us.

They have not the first clue as to what actually constitutes a real country. They cannot–, they dare not allow their brains to go anywhere near the direction of defining a country along ethnocultural lines. The lines upon which are based any real country that ever was or will be.

The Tyranny of language.

There are only a handful of button words that serve to ring fence the solution to so many of our problems from any really effective political action.  The social power of these words is so great that
even in the unlikely event that a politician should arise that actually wants to do the right thing by his people; he can not, for fear of the power of these words.
        Words like...
  • Racist
  • Hitler
  • Nazi
  • Holocaust and 
  • Auschwitz
The depth of feeling and the package of propaganda loaded into each of these words is so great as to cause a real physiological reaction in most people simply at the mention of them.

Conversely, these words make our enemies very easy to spot. They are the ones who roll out these words at the first sign of resistance to their globalist genocidal agenda.

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