Thursday, 21 July 2016

The Pessimistic View

The article below, written in May 2016 will hopefully be followed by a more hopeful one due to recent developments in Britain and the US

Is there room for an optimistic view? Personally and in reality, I think not...

 Christianity – the moral shackles.

We may think we live in a post-Christian world. But even though that may be technically true the long shadow of Christian ethics and morality hangs over our culture affecting how we see ourselves in the world, our attitude to others and the decisions and judgments we make as individuals as well as white European countries. Whether we like it or not we are the product of our collective histories. Our sense of self-esteem and confidence as a people, if indeed we even regard ourselves as a people and our sense of obligation and responsibility in this world can be traced to the beliefs we hold to be true about ourselves, God and the stories we have been told about our history.

On the subject of our history, even the most cursory overview of the European narrative since 1945 shows that we have all – both victor and vanquished-  been tarred with the same wide brush of responsibility for every known evil in the world.  And in the absence of a viable defense against accusations of such cataclysmic and self-evident guilt, according to our own sense of Christian morality, we are duty bound to restitution and a settling of account.  In short; our race is guilty and must be punished!  This is the brilliance of the diabolical scheme to turn our own pathos, humanity, and civilization against itself unto our utter destruction. Because with the weight of guilt that has been heaped upon us, no amount of sacrifice will ever be enough to satisfy the baying hordes at the gates of Athens.

And on the subject of Christianity,- we have been sold a lemon.  There are in this world two fundamentally homicidal religions, one of them is Islam, the other one is Judaism. But we white Europeans have Christianity to encourage us to turn the other cheek, to love our enemies and to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. Very nice I’m sure. But as a minority population surrounded by hungry wolves bent on our annihilation, these flaccid and weak justifications of victimhood are not just a liability; they are downright suicidal.

Christianity is not a religion of strength; it is a religion of utter capitulation and weakness. The people of Europe were forced to accept this Middle Eastern religion at the point of a sword. We are promised in this dispensation only eternal damnation if we do not accept the salvation offered to us by a God in the person of a man whose regard for gentile civilization is as the dog possessions of his chosen people, his beloved Jews. (Mat 15:26)

The bait and switch million more by the Jewish rejection of Jesus, thus setting in motion two thousand years of enmity between this diabolical sect of vicious reprobates and any hapless sod that just happened to fall prey to the pernicious doctrine of Christ the Saviour!

The Jewish hate for us Christians can Master's if not fully justified by the doctrine of replacement whereby the Jewish rejection of Christ results in a wholly unexpected and shocking reversal on the part of God.

After depicting gentiles as dogs only worthy of the crumbs from the Jewish table he then, in response to their rejection of him as Lord, sacrifices the Jews to become the dogs of Mat 15:26 and raises the gentiles to the Master's table.  They weren’t expecting that!

If Europeans were to survive this war; and I certainly don’t think they will, but if in some idealised world the men of Europe were to collectively grow a pair, I believe the first thing that must be done in order to release the dormant power of the will to life is to completely throw off the shackles of Christianity.

Step out of history, into the present and claim the future.

I believe it is now incumbent upon us. Men who stand outside of Christianity that we acknowledge only that we exist and that we will fight to survive.

We can and do know all manner of factoids that attempt to provide a reason, justification or excuse for whatever action our people may or may not have taken in the past, whatever the case may be.  But instead of wasting our precious time seeking motivation from some bygone hero, we should acknowledge that whatever ancestors we had, they did not look back into their own history to find a reason for self-defense, such a proposition would appear simple-minded and self-evidently stupid. Or even worse, an act of treachery on the part of those wasting so much precious time while the enemy gathered at the gates.

No. Acknowledged imminent danger calls only for immediate action.
We have lived and prospered in Europe for thousands of years. The fact that we are here at all proves that languishing in guilt and self-doubt was never something we wasted our precious time on.


The Triumph of Marxism

However, we now live in a time of total defeat for the European people.  The complete victory for the Marxists over the entire white western world. Canada, the USA Europe including the British isles, Australia and New Zealand. And the defeated countries of South Africa and Rhodesia.
The work of the communists, through their instruments; cultural Marxism and critical theory have completely subjugated the intellectual consciousness of all but a few outsiders.

The attacks have come from all sides; yes, it has been a brilliant and diabolical plan. They referred to it as the “Long March”, referring to the steady subversion of all institutions that comprise a society and provide for its culture, which by extension provides for social cohesiveness and a sense of identity and community.

The predators of the western world know something about us that we don’t know but should know, and at a very deep, almost genetic level probably still do know. Even though we do our level best to suppress the nagging promptings of our primordial memory.  Like an annoying neighbor tapping constantly on the kitchen window. There is something we have forgotten but desperately need to remember. But we are just as desperate to ignore them because they are sure to confront us with facts and questions we no longer find convenient to confront.

It’s about Race, it’s always been about race. The only people who don’t think the issue is race are the gullible masses who buy into the stupid rhetoric of multiculturalism.  That would be the university graduates. Kids who are so brilliant they have learned how to hold two mutually exclusive concepts to be true at the same time.  Multiculturalism and diversity on the one hand and Miscegenation on the other.
Multiculturalism leads to diversity. Which is what? Everyone of a different race. However; a simultaneously and forcefully promoted programme of miscegenation will within only two or three generations result in a homogenous society of completely mixed racial mongrels.

You arrive back at square one, only now you have a population with no ethnic identity at all. There is no collective root or history or cultural identity. Curiously this is exactly what the Marxist agenda calls for.
Also on the subject of Miscegenation.  The idea of racial interbreeding is forcefully promoted through TV Soaps on a daily basis. Showing to our teenagers and twenty something’s in as sexually explicit detail as the law will allow that it is not only acceptable but is desirable and socially preferable for the most beautiful white European girl to have sex with an Arab or African, and even more so if they are also Muslim.

The only people who seem to be aware of the contrived nature of the situation are the few people who were already on the fringe of society. That’s the miss fits and “conspiracy theorists”. These are the people who have spent their entire lives searching for their ‘raison d'ĂȘtre’.  And in the course of that search found something amazing; the truth about their people.

The vast majority of the population are far too busy “fitting in” to be bothered with conspiracy theories. We all have a natural desire to be right. But the majority are so completely invested in the acceptance culture that the thought of being wrong presents as a social catastrophe. This must be avoided at all costs. To that end, no information  - no matter how well founded –can be allowed to persist if it threatens to upset the status quo.

Our people are therefore 100% committed to ignorance. They will violently defend the establishment narrative no matter how fraudulent and destructive that may be. In my own experience, the level of gullible and even criminal ignorance of even basic issues affecting us all is staggering.

Our governments see us, the people as nothing more or less than economic units of demand. Infinitely interchangeable with ANY other human units of demand on this planet.  If there is a shortage then it is a simple matter to simply bring in a few more. Perhaps a few million  more in order to build up the desired total aggregate of demand required.  We have been deliberately devolved into manageable carbon based life forms, malleable and controllable.

Can anyone believe the unbelievable?  When faced with a truly horrific and unbelievable story the rational thing to do is to disbelieve it, obviously.  In attempting to awaken our people to a reality of impending catastrophe I am faced with the reality that our people are asleep, they want to stay asleep, they do not want to be awakened and even if they are it is probably too late anyway. Anyone who tries to awaken our people is immediately abused and cursed and cast out.

As I write in May of 2016, it is apparent that absent some kind of catalyzing event our people will simply accept whatever fate the ruling elite have in mind for us.  While there are many people now who, thanks to YouTube and social media. Know a lot more about what is going on. These people still represent a very tiny percentage of our people and they offer no real world threat to our on-going global genocide.  Any small disconnected groups that do manage to coalesce into a physical presence on the street are immediately corralled, infiltrated, monitored, discredited and finally disbanded.  The enemy has learned the lesson of Mussolini and Hitler well. At every first spark of resistance; snuff it out!

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