Sunday, 3 July 2016

What Price Farage?

The political chaos overtaking the British political system reminds me of a period of uncertainty and urgency that occurred in British politics 77 years ago.

In the last week of July 1939 in the Strand and in other prominent positions in London, large posters appeared posing the singular question ”What Price Churchill?”.

Apart from the simple question, everyone already knew the deeper implicit meaning. That being that there was a serious situation developing on the continent, and there was no one in a position of political leadership in England up to the task ahead.

That is exactly the position the British public find themselves in again today.  The double speaking Boris backstabbed by his own lieutenant.  Labour in open revolt and almost the whole lot of the so called ruling class at odds with the clear intent of the people.

There is only one man who has the steel and respect from all sides to pull off the political equivalent of the famous tablecloth trick. Simultaneously pulling the UK out of the EU whilst staving off a revolution in England and panic on the continent.

Just as happened in 1939, when the incapable in command realise they need someone to save their skin they will call on Nigel to do a job he has never desired, but for which time and experience have prepared him like no other.

Meanwhile, Putin looks on with bemused disinterest, the Americans don’t understand and the feminised British bedwetting millennial youth protest things they know nothing about.

What Price Farage?

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