Monday, 20 June 2016

Notes on Immigration

NewstalkZB May 16 2016
Multicultural New Zealand executive director Tayo Agunlejika (a Nigerian National) said immigration was overwhelmingly beneficial to New Zealand, and helped create a diverse and dynamic culture.
"It's a very positive thing -- it gives you a vibrant society where not everyone is the same. It comes with its own challenges, but it's good for society," he said.

One of the "Challenges" multiculturalism comes with is the fact that it doesn't work. This was admitted to by Angela Merkel in October 2010. As well the bitter years of experience in the UK and the USA.

Sunday, Dec 15, 2013
NZ Herald online “…why is the world coming home to New Zealand?”

Professor Natalie Jackson, of Waikato University, says migration is a short-term solution to keep the age structure of our population balanced. "It's a time when we need to take as many as would like to come here, and offer them citizenship to encourage them to stay in the hope they will bring other people."

Our Universities are full of people like this. They are simply incapable of thinking in terms of how societies actually work. People have been commodified, you, I and any other humanoid on this planet are completely interchangeable. No cultural or ethnic differences are allowed to exist.

Yet the curious thing is that this attitude seems only to be applied to white European countries.  You will find that all manner of exceptions to these rules are made when dealing with supposed ethnic minority groups.  

Like for instance, the Indian community, as a minority there are more than a billion people in India, all of them Indians. The same will apply to African groups or Chinese groups. The true minority group on this earth is the White European. We are about 8% and falling fast. 

But in our case, the strange solution to our low birth rate is to do everything possible to wipe us out as soon as possible.  I have trouble understanding how Miscegenation and genocide can solve the problem of low birth rates. I guess it's like accounting, if were extinct we no longer have a low birth rate.  21 Aug 2015
Economists said net migration remained "extremely high" with no sign of slowing down, which would support spending and demand for houses especially in Auckland. It would also add workers to the job market and keep a lid on wages.

So how is this good for New Zealand?  House prices go up, everything else goes up due to greater demand, but immigration keeps a "lid" on wages...?

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