Monday, 25 April 2016

Ethnic Affairs

Have you completely lost your mind?

I have just finished reading the Ethnic Affairs policy document from 2014. Also, the speech you gave at the January intake of refugees on 29th Jan.

The reason I ask about the sanity of the National Parties immigration and refugee policy is that it appears to be suicidal! Either for the National Party or the country as a whole,- or both.  

I draw your attention to the article by Tracey Barnett ”Refugee quota true legacy issue” from the 11th April issue of the NZ Herald. Her article is filled with the usual hand-wringing emotional blackmail and the twisted exercise of logic that imposes upon us the idea that it is shameful to want to preserve a successful society, or inversely that strength can be found pursuing policies that have already been shown to break up, fracture and destroy successful happy and prosperous societies.

However, the important thing here is the comment section below the article.  Almost all the 47 comments see right through Mss Barnett’s left wing liberal ideology. It is now common knowledge that diversity and multiculturalism do not work.

Even Angela Merkel, the left wing liberal prophetess of multicultural diversity had to admit – in October 2010 that “this multicultural approach has failed, utterly failed!”  But of course, that fact did not stop her from opening the borders, and even abandoning the Dublin Protocol in August last year.

Germany’s immigrant population has now reached 11 million with over 1 Million arriving in 2015 alone. And as has happened in Sweden, these people do not ‘integrate’, they take the benefits, the free accommodation and any woman they can get their hands on, and create an extra-legal community of idleness and crime.

This sad reality is clearly available for all New Zealanders to see, and we don’t want it here. 

The entire text of the ETHNIC AFFAIRS document is written with the blind fanaticism of confirmed religious zealots. Yet you are promoting a religion that has been exposed as a fraud.

The roots of this failed doctrine are becoming well known. There is an ideological bread trail going back a hundred years, but the goal has always been the same. From Communism to Cultural Marxism to Critical Theory and the multitude of radical social movements it has spawned. The western democracies have always been the target and their destruction has always been their aim. 
Your policy betrays the belief that New Zealand is simply a piece of land on which some people live. A people who are completely neutral, a blank canvas if you will, with no heritage or history. You, therefore, see this as a problem, but all is not lost because this problem can be ‘fixed’, by importing vast numbers of highly cultured people from devastated 3rd world countries to enrich our lives and teach us their ways! Then we will be so much better off because we won’t exist as a distinct people or culture anymore, problem solved.

I am not against immigration. But our immigration policy should be one decided upon by us,  not by some amorphous foreign power with an aim that is clearly not in our best interests. We need people that are a good fit for the cultural identity that has made our society work.  Not people that are going to cost us a fortune and be the cause of endless strife in the future.  

There are about 1 million white south Africans who have been forced into living in shanty towns worse than anything you might have seen of the black townships under apartheid. These people have been pushed out of their homes and jobs because they are white.

Why does the New Zealand government ignore the ongoing white genocide in South Africa? Many of these people are educated professionals who would be an immediate asset to New Zealand. They have families and children that would contribute to and strengthen our communities rather than be a cost to the country as a whole.

Then there are the Europeans who no longer feel safe in their ancestral towns and villages.  The third world invasion of our ancestral homelands is a reality, and we have an opportunity right now to help our people whilst at the same time strengthening our country and building our economy.
The ethnic Swedes and Germans are being overrun.  London is now 80% non-European.   These are our people but instead of helping ourselves by helping our own, we have a prohibitively complicated lengthy and expensive process of immigration and citizenship.   This is where the honest focus of Ethnic Affairs should really be.

The Ethnic Affairs policy describes a vast bureaucratic apparatus, and the expense of at least 25 million dollars to start with, on programmes to help refugees into positions of leadership and business. The document insists that there is no such thing as a typical Kiwi, also that we have a proud heritage as a nation that "embraces diversity”. This is all just liberal propaganda. We know who Kiwis are, and when did we ever "embrace diversity"? We didn't, because it's normal common sense that it doesn't work. The Government is simply trying to push a foreign agenda on the trusting and unwitting people of New Zealand.    

These policies have already changed the face of the provincial towns of New Zealand. In just a few short years I have seen my own town fill up with people of unknown origin.  

The whole concept of a “Quota “ of refugees seems to be the product of some kind of emotional blackmail. 750 a year, each year, every year, on-going plus 600 just in case we haven’t got enough.  We, and by that I mean you, our politicians need to grow a pair and stand up to this immoral imposition. 

The issue of refugees is a global one, but only in as far as the white European world is concerned. It is only our countries that are being pressured to open our borders.  Is that because the European countries are the most productive and successful countries? Perhaps, but there are many other countries that could easily absorb Middle Eastern refugees, but these insist on taking none at all. There are the rich Gulf states that could offer a society that is similar to their own, but they take none. There are rich Asian countries, but they take none. There is all of South America, but rather than insist that the obligation to help these people be shared by all nations the onus is placed on the white European and nominally Christian nations of the world.  

Finally, there is one excuse that is often given for promoting large-scale immigration. Declining birth rates. In NZ we are still at 2.05 while all the European countries are below replacement level. 

However, it must be pointed out that immigration is NOT a solution to the demographic problem of low birth rates!  The only solution to the low birth rate is to reverse the policies that produced this catastrophe in the first place.

We must first appreciate that this situation did not come about by accident. After decades of anti-family programmes, it is no surprise that people refrain from having children.  Without writing a tome on the who, what where and why of how this disaster has happened, all we really need to do is take the cure.  Stop demeaning the role of fathers, promote the idea of larger families, and present our children as the treasure of our nation.  We need to make sure that there is no financial disincentive to men getting married.  We need to stop promoting homosexual marriage or lesbian marriage and limit the availability or abortions.  Most of all our women need to understand that the highest role they can serve in society is that of mother and wife. Women need to have the confidence to stand up and say with pride that they are homemakers, because they are the builders of our nation.

New Zealand is still the best place in the world to live.

Let’s keep it that way.

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