Monday, 25 April 2016

Syrian refugees welcomed to NZ

Below is my response to an article written by Simon Collins that appeared in the NZ Herald on Jan 29 2016

Your article on the Syrian refugees welcomed to NZ raises some serious questions.

I will address these questions in the order in which they were raised in your article.

First the waiving of Syrian flags on arrival in NZ.  Call me over sensitive if you like but if I were to be rescued from certain death and deprivation and then flown half way around the world to the land of my salvation, I would be filled with a tremendous feeling of relief and gratitude for the people who had so graciously saved my life and the lives of my family.  I would surely wish to express my gratitude with a display of personal humility and emphatic support for the people of my new home. If I were to waive any flag at all it would be the New Zealand flag. The one we so recently voted on to represent our country.

The corollary of this is found in the answer to the question, “who would waive a foreign flag when coming into your country”? Perhaps a diplomat representing a foreign power or a sports team at a major sporting event. Or perhaps this is the sort of thing an invading army does when it establishes a beachhead on your shores?

If this was an isolated incident the questions I raise could easily be dismissed as a fear mongering over-reaction, but nothing happens in a vacuum, and in the context of the on-going international anti-white paradigm this should be seen for what it is.  I.e. another expression of the subtle and subversive penetration of our identity as a people.

In the same way, our immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse told the refugees that “diversity” is “not just tolerated, it is celebrated”.  At its core this is a completely outrageous statement. Our politicians are not elected to destroy us. It is so much a part of our natural implicit understanding that a politician is elected in order to pursue the best interests of the people that we do not feel the need to express this obvious imperative explicitly. However having not done so we now find ourselves led by people who care not a wit about the core values of the people of New Zealand but instead hang on every word and utterance from their superiors at the United Nations or the world Bank or IMF or any other of the myriad  UN agencies.  

White European New Zealanders currently represent about 70% of our population and we are now instructed that must celebrate “diversity”.

In the recent flag vote the voting instructions were presented in 24 different languages other than English and Maori.  The implicit message being that we must recognize and accept as equal rights New Zealand citizens people from 24 separate ethnic minorities and cultures.  

I do not believe New Zealanders are in the habit of celebrating diversity . Mr Woodhouse claims that diversity is celebrated in New Zealand. By whom Mr Woodhouse? Where and when do these celebrations take place?  Yes I am quite sure the Syrians and Afghanis and Palestinians and Iraqis and Burmese and Cambodians will be celebrating their amazing good luck. But what about the majority white European population that built the country we have today?

When was there ever a vote on refugee immigration? There was none. When did the government ever consult the people before it caved in to UN pressure to accept a “standard quota of 750 UN –approved refugees” annually? Plus another 600 for good measure. There was no consultation. And the government has no mandate to completely change the social structure of our country.

The issue of Refugees is a global one, but only in as far as the white European world is concerned. It is only our countries that are being pressured to open our borders.  Is that because the European countries are the most productive and successful countries? Perhaps, but there are many other countries that could easily absorb Middle Eastern refugees but these insist on taking none at all.

There are the rich gulf states that could offer a society that is similar to their own, but they take none. There are rich Asian countries, but they take none. There is all of south America, but rather than insist that the obligation to help these people be shared by all nations the onus is placed on the white European and nominally Christian nations of the world.  

There is a great deal more that needs to be said on this issue, and it is clear to anyone paying attention that there is a lot more going on that the vast majority of our people remain blissfully unaware of. 

In New Zealand the situation is not irretrievable; not yet.  But like the analogy of the frog in the pan, if we continue to ignore the positive Christian and European roots that made our country such a desirable destination we will be faced sooner than we think with the same nightmare that is currently destroying the once beautiful country of Sweden.     


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