Saturday, 19 March 2016

The Flag

Today I posted my flag vote. But there are several questions left open regarding the process. In fact there are more questions regarding the motives for a flag referendum at all.

The whole thing seems to have been contrived with a particular outcome in mind, someone in a position of high power wanted the flag changed. And they obviously had the means, power and influence to initiate a process for which there was no national feeling at all.  No groundswell of public opinion, no obvious national imperative motivated the government to act so decisively or expensively to create a national referendum that no one wanted or cared about. So ”who dun it ?”

That any one person or group would go to such lengths to force a change to our national flag tells us something about that flag that we probably haven’t thought about before, that it’s important. It’s really important to our sense of national identity; our sense of history and context in the modern world. It binds us to our forefathers with a feeling of respect and honour for those that came before. It gives us strength to carry on in the certain knowledge of who we are as a people, where we came from and where we are going.

This national feeling that is represented by our flag is an intangible force that lives in all of us. It is a feeling in us that stands as a bulwark against any ideas, concepts or invaders that threaten to undermine and destroy our country or our people. I believe the international forces that are trying so hard to change our flag are well aware of all that I have said just said and the fundamental importance of our sense of identity.      

Now that I have established that this is a deliberate attack on the cultural identity of the New Zealand people let’s take a look at the exact methods being used to undermine our country.
In the literature that comes with our voting paper there is a pamphlet with voting instructions in 24 separate languages, not including English and Maori.

The instructions themselves are ridiculous in the condescendingly stupid tone in which they are given. I am quite sure that the people who designed this pamphlet are fully aware that New Zealanders know how to put a tick in a box. Based on this premise and in the knowledge that accidents never happen could it not then be possible that the real motive behind this document is to send the message to legitimate New Zealanders that these other 24 language groups must also now be considered by us as legitimate New Zealand citizens with full voting rights; even though there command of our language is so poor that they cannot be expected to understand the infantile instructions presented in English, even when presented in pictogram form on the voting paper itself?

Another hint of the act of deliberate subjugation of our people is the almost open invitation to vote fraud. This was the first thing that occurred to me when following the detailed instructions on how to tick the box, tear off the voting paper, put it in the envelope and post it in a New Zealand post box – are you serious? We actually need to be told to post it in  an NZ Post mail box?!!

The invitation to fraud consists in the fact that no proof of identity is required,  no name or address, no IRD number or driver’s license number  or any other way of linking the vote back to any other verifiable proof of citizenship. A tick in a box next to the flag of your choice on a printed piece of paper with no other identification is all that is required. Add to this sad reality the fact that the people who want the change are your average aggressive left wing liberals. People who will scream and shout and hurl all manner of abuses in support of their pet projects, demanding equal rights for all. But that of course is not what they mean. These self-same people would think nothing of printing off hundreds of these phony voting slips and mailing them in support of the destruction of our cultural heritage.

This flag debate is just one small step in a campaign with international scope and horrific ambition. The European countries of the world are experiencing a genocidal onslaught of Cultural Marxism. That’s just a fancy sounding phrase to cover all the so called left wing liberal ideologies that have plagued our countries for 40 years now.  For many of our people and some of our countries it is already too late vis – Sweden, South Africa.  White European civilisation that has brought so much to the world must wake up and take genuine meaningful action if any of us are to survive as a racial people at all.

Vote to preserve our identity, our people and our flag. 

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