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German National Socialism And Its Significance For White Survival

This article was motivated by criticism of my position as being "Neo-Nazi". Hopefully, this will clarify my position on National Socialism as well as the concomitant accusations of anti-Semitism that normally accompany such criticisms.


I am not and nor are any of the videos on my channel “Neo-Nazi”  in the sense that Neo-Nazi applies to groups of far-right skinhead thugs that completely abuse and miss represent the ideals of German National Socialism.

The left associates these thugs with the term “Nazis” and then uses “Neo-Nazi” to denigrate any group that seeks to preserve ethnic Germans or Whites in general. Good trick! And we continue to do our brothers and sisters a huge disservice by constantly buying into the Jewish inspired anti-Nazi rhetoric.

The left will continue to use the “Neo-Nazi” slur for as long as we continue to buy into the rhetoric of Nazi villainy. We embolden our enemy and hamstring ourselves. The ethnic German’s have had seventy years of Genocidal propaganda directed at them, yet now from the very people who claim they are fighting for their survival they have to put up with this constant demonization and vilification by association with the terrible “Nazis”.

We need to stop giving the enemy our ammunition.  We must front up to this empty epithet and force our accusers to state their case clearly.  It’s not "Nazi", it’s National Socialist German Workers Party and it is credited with saving Germany from utter collapse.

The “Nazi” epithet is going to be thrown at Whites in any case. If we cannot respond to that positively, then we validate our opponent’s position and have lost already. We will never be able to defend ourselves and stand up for our survival unless we have an honest look at the utterly demonised NSDAP.
What exact policies of the NSDAP do the “Nazi” screaming lefties actually disagree with?
  1. Is it the Economic policy that put 4 million people to work in four years and raised the German people from the depths of despair and starvation to become the most powerful, prosperous and happiest nation in Europe; at a time when the whole world was in the depths of depression? Read The Emergency Economic Programme of The NSDAP
  2. Or perhaps it is Hitler’s Monetary policy. Hitler Established State control over the creation of money. It has been said that Hitler solved the Problem of Unemployment before Keynes had even finished explaining it.  Hitler’s Monetary Policy more than anything else was the real reason for the Second World War. The allies were not fighting for liberty or survival (Hitler wanted only peace with Britain); they were fighting on the basis of a pack of lies to preserve the profits of a banking system that was antithetical to the interests of their own people. Read Nazi Monetary Policy
  3. Was it the Old Age Pension scheme?
  4. Was it the Environmental policy? Read the Imperial Conservation Law 1935 
  5. Or the policy on Animal Welfare. Banning Vivisection and cruelty to animals 
To be sure, these are not the conscious reasons for the violent and hysterical reaction of the SJW’s of the left against any Whites making a stand for their future.  Most of the liberals who spit “Nazi!” at anyone who disagrees with them know nothing of the policies that saved the nation and revived the spirit of the German people.  But these policies are the things that must be hidden because they represent a mortal danger to the people who intend to subjugate the world to a system of financial slavery; they are policies that focus on the welfare of the people as an ethnic identity, and as a community and a Nation.

These are the ideas that must be destroyed, - or at the very least hidden from view - if the people who run the world are to achieve their aim. Fortunately for them they have something that can be used as a convenient distraction for the masses; “The Holocaust”.

The Holocaust.

NSDAP Programme. Legal enforcement. Uses of the H Narrative. A moral cosh. Allied atrocities. A confluence of interests.

The Holocaust serves two very useful purposes. First it provides untold riches and benefits to the Jewish state of Israel, and more importantly, it is used to keep a lid on any nationalist impulses the Goyim may have from time to time. The programme of the NSDAP expressed mostly common sense, even if radical solutions to rescue Germany from the desperate situation the country was in in 1920.  Many of it’s provisions – with the exception of summary execution of common criminals-  we could do well to consider ourselves.

All the common sense policies of National Socialism are deliberately hidden in the blind spot created and maintained by “The Holocaust”. This is a unique event in human history, but not for the reasons its promoters want you to believe. It is the only event in human history that is mandated by law. It is an event that has been turned into a brand and promoted like a religion. In most European countries it is illegal to question any aspect of the official Holocaust Doctrine. Hundreds of researchers, scientists and historians, and innocent citizens have been, and are still, in prison for questioning the official Holocaust story.

Sylvia Stolz; a lawyer, jailed initially for defending Ernst Z√ľndel on charges of Holocaust denial was sentenced again on the 25 Feb 2015 to 20 months jail on the same charge.

Ursula Haverbeck, an 87 Year old German grandmother sentenced to 8 months jail for suggesting that Auschwitz was only a labour camp and not a death camp as per the establishment doctrine.

There are many others.

“The Holocaust” as a brand was created in the early 1970’s. Prior to that time it was just another tragic chapter in the long list of war crimes perpetrated by all sides in the fratricidal genocide known as WW2. However since that time the Jewish State and individual Jews have been able to extort hundreds of billions of dollars from Germany and other European states in the form of;-
  1. Direct financial aid to the Israeli government
  2. Dozens of benefit programmes to individual Holocaust survivors – defined as anyone who lived in NSDAP controlled territory.
  3. Reparations from European states, individual companies and Banks.
  4. Material infrastructure. Israeli rail system, power plants, irrigation systems…
  5. Military hardware. In 2015 Germany provided Israel with 6 nuclear-capable Dolphin-class submarines.

The Holocaust also serves to curtail any criticism of the special US/Israeli relationship.  A symbiotic relationship that serves both US strategic and corporate objectives as well as Israeli strategic interests.

The Holocaust as a moral cosh is used to keep the “stupid Goyim” in line and silence any protests against the constant march of globalism through the west. There are two aspects to the incredible effectiveness of this device.

First of all the western democracies have been prepared by two thousand years of Christian thought to accept as a moral absolute the teachings of Jesus Christ; love your enemies, do good to those that hate you, and sell all your possessions and give to the poor. This level of pathological altruism would be bad enough, but it gets worse. For decades our own education system has failed to instil in our young people a decent respect for our own race and culture. Instead, we are taught to give away everything our ancestors fought and died for and to value primitive cultures more than our own.  Thus prepared and weakened, the trap is sprung with the appearance of a sin so horrendous that not even the blood of Christ can atone.

We awful white Christians killed Gods chosen race, the Jews, and no amount of self-flagellation can atone for the infinite suffering of the six million. Or so the story goes.

To perpetuate the story and the suicidal guilt trip it engenders, all other tragedies and war crimes must be minimized, and the Jewish Holocaust must be held up as unique in world history. The Jewish wet dream of the entire White world lying prostrate before their Jewish masters relie's for it’s fulfilment on a moral hammer so huge that it completely obscures any other possible alternative. The Holocaust cuts us off from an honest investigation of a political paradigm that could save our civilisation and open up a bright future for all mankind.

And now post-war European countries are engaged in this suicidal cycle of pathological virtue signaling. Am I really stretching the tenuous strand of logical continuum between the Holocaust and the liberal Marxist politically correct ideology that permeates and destroys the western democracies? From the 1960’s on, if we had not already been culturally and racially undermined we would never have accepted so readily the long series of social reforms that sought to undermine the status quo; Gay rights, equal rights, abortion rights, civil rights, human rights (excluding the unborn child), culminating in global open immigration into white countries and only white countries.

It isn’t enough to simply bleed the west dry financially and materially. The open immigration policies that have been adopted in all white countries speaks to the larger overarching agenda. An agenda to mongrelize the people so as to remove any national or even racial identity, then they will proceed with the imposition of Jewish Communist rule, otherwise known as the New World Order.

To achieve world government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogma.” Brock Chisolm, former director of the World Health Organisation

Other Losses

None of the preceding should be construed as deprecating the horror of war crimes committed by the German side during the war. But it is equally important that we do not white wash the numerous horrific crimes committed by the British, American and Soviet allies with the full knowledge of, and in many cases the explicit command, of their leaders.

These crimes accounted for millions of deaths and constitute a deliberate genocide. Those last months of the Second World War degenerated into an orgy of genocide on a biblical scale, never before in human history have so many innocent people been deliberately murdered for such patently gratuitous reasons.
David Irving uses the term "innocenticide" to get around the propagandized term "Holocaust" as used by the Israel Lobby. It more accurately encompasses the destruction of ALL the innocent people from both sides of the conflict.

Atrocities occurred

It may be necessary to briefly discuss the factuality of the Holocaust. I have looked at the political uses to which “The Holocaust” has been put, but there is also the question of what actually happened. There is now a huge body of new and scholarly research on the Jewish Holocaust.  David Irving puts the total deaths at no more than 2.5 million (which is still a huge number and a war crime in itself), including deaths from disease and starvation. It is also established that far more were executed by machine gun than died by gassing.  Auschwitz is held up by the Jews as the centre piece of their Holocaust religion. However, no modern historian has come up with a figure greater than 140000 for Auschwitz alone. Most revisionists arrive at a figure of about 570000 for all the camps and executions together.

Now that the Auschwitz total has been reduced by 2.5 million and the gassing hypothesis has also been shown to be wildly exaggerated, we are starting after 70 years, to be able to see some uncomfortable realities.

Why? If the Holocaust is so well documented and proven must it rely on legal force rather than legal argument to make its claim to truth? And why if it is not the capstone of Jewish power must the ADL and the SPLC and the hundreds of Jewish organizations around the world use ANY and ALL force to silence even innocent questioning of the traditional Jewish narrative?

There is also the confluence of interests to consider.  The allies knew full well that what they had done was a war crime, and the most effective defense of their actions was a good distraction. The “Nazi’s”  were the perfect patsy. It was war, brutality was everywhere, allied bombing had made feeding the inmates almost impossible, and as Hitler had said, “no one will ever ask the victor if he told the truth”.

Contemporary Relevance

The white nationalist movement seems to be dividing along a clear fault line based on identifying the enemy.  YouTube personalities such as Alex Jones, Pat Condel, Paul Watson and Stefan Molyneux have hundreds of thousands of views. They are extremely provocative; they speak the truth as far as they go. They go right up to the line, describing the enemy to a tee, but never once do they actually name the pervasive Jewish influence behind the ideology promoting our destruction.

In the other camp are people who recognise the catastrophe as a deliberate ideologically driven genocide. These people clearly see the “immigration crisis” as simply the latest in a long series of programmes to undermine the west.

Focussing exclusively on the Muslims and their regular outrages against European people seems to be designed to provoke a reaction. The hope is that one day the whites will fight back. Thus far they have not. But just imagine the day when a group of armed whites take out a mosque, 200 Muslims in one hit! The global media will be all over it and the casus belli will have finally been provided to arrest all whites who do not openly support the communist agenda. Wholesale arrests and incarcerations of Whites on the pretext of public safety will destroy any and all dissent.

The way forward

My hope and goal is to promote an ideological revolution, not a global race War! Which is what appears to be the goal of some white nationalists.  The "refugees" and immigrants in their millions came by plane, train, ferry and boat and they can leave in the same way.  All that is required is the political will to make it happen.

Politics is downstream of culture.  That is why we need to focus on OUR people and on OUR culture. We need to support programmes to educate our people about our glorious European heritage. Rather than constantly rubbing our noses in our weakness and our plight. We have been the artists, poets, scientists, and civilizers of the world and our people must know that on the future of European Civilisation depends the future of the world.  We need to be out there letting our young people know that race mixing is NOT cool. The young women and girls must know that the only way they will ever have a beautiful White baby is with a good White man.  And that in so doing they achieve the greatest honor for themselves and their family.

People may say that it's too late, that these foreigners are here to stay and there is no way we can get rid of them. But that is not true, history abounds with examples of large-scale population transfers. Most recently after WW2, and that was millions of Germans expelled from lands they had occupied for centuries.

The motivation to be rid of these foreigners in our lands is not hate, as the liberals would scream, but Love.  We have allowed the left to frame acts of love in terms of hate.  When a man speaks out against the destruction of his community and his ancient culture, could it not simply be because of a Love for his own people?

One thing is for sure, this situation is a historical anomaly. It will not last

By fighting the Muslims we are fighting the symptom. It is right that we should stand up to our governments on immigration and defend ourselves against the immigrants themselves. However, the government is armed to the teeth with all manner of legislation to ban our organizations and arrest our leaders.  While we have no territory to call our own and no means with which to defend it, and while we are in the grip of treacherous governments worldwide, we have no option but to work with what we have, that being ourselves and the political system that exists.  But when a critical mass of public opinion has been reached, political change can and will come quickly.

Anyone who fails to see or recognize that the ideological influence behind the present global paradigm is Jewish in origin will also fail to understand the true nature of the problem or the gravity of the situation. They will fail to correctly identify the source of the problem or be able to deal with it effectively. You will be forever shadow boxing, wondering why you are never able to land a blow.

To round this argument out I believe we must recognize that this is a Racial threat against ALL of us, Germans, Scandinavians,  Russians and the whole Anglo-Saxon world. We must fight together against the clearly identified ideological and racial enemy. And we can not afford to make the same mistake again of underestimating our racial enemy. He is highly disciplined, totally dedicated, absolutely ruthless and he will never ever stop.



Other notes. 

Jewish Quotes

  • “We Jews are going to bring a war on Germany” David A Brown. National Chairman, United Jewish Campaign, 1934
  • “’Judea Declares War on Germany!’   Jews of all the World Unite! Boycott of German Goods!” Daily Express 24 March 1933
  • And again on the 5th September 1939. “The Israeli people around the world declare economic and financial war against Germany… holy war against Hitler’s people.”  Chaim Weizmann, Zionist Leader.

Other quotes about A Hitler.

"You can thank God you have such a wonderful man as your leader”  Lloyd George

If ever Britain was plunged into a disaster comparable to the one that afflicted Germany in 1918 I would ask God that He should send us a man with the strength and the character of your Excellency.”  Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill’s Article in the Illustrated Sunday News Feb 8, 1920. Highlighting the Jewish role in the Russian revolution.

The Holocaust is the capstone issue of our time. We must break through the blizzard of Holocaust propaganda if we are ever going to free our people of this millstone of guilt and obligation to these Jewish charlatans.
1. The Holocaust Industry is a racket.
2. The figure of six million is a rhetorical figure that comes from the Babylonian Talmud. It has repeatedly been used to elicit money and sympathy from the west. They finally got the myth to stick after WW2 with the complicit knowledge of the allies.
3. The H industry uses Auschwitz as it’s centre piece.

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